All the fun they want

Fotor's SDK has the most tools and features to choose from.
No matter who your users are, our SDK allows you to provide them the best editing experience available.

• Effects, Frames, Text and Stickers
• The best collage maker (coming soon to mobile)
• Tons of basic and pro-level adjustments
• Many more ...

No SDK offers
performance like this

We provide SDKs for iOS and Android, as well as a flash-based SDK which offers you more flexibility based on your needs.

We give your users larger files and faster processing - up to 14 megapixels for mobile, 16 megapixels for web, 2x faster than our competitors'. This lets your users focus on the fun, and keeps your app running smoothly.

Higher revenue for you

With great effects, frames, stickers and fonts in our in-app store, users can enjoy more content and you can share the revenue. And we constantly add new, high-quality content,
so your users will never get bored.

Put our years of
experience to work

5 years of working on photo editing apps and technology tells you we'll still be here tomorrow. With the PhD's on our staff, we have developed the best algorithms in the industry. Now your users can share in our technology.
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